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Baycox Coccidiocide for Poultry

Baycox Coccidiocide for Poultry
Brand: Baycox

Note : Read all product literature before beginning treatment.

Baycox Coccidiocide Solution for Poultry is for the treatment and control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria spp. in chickens.

Composition: Toltrazuril 25 g/L.

Withholding Periods: Meat - 14 days. Eggs - Do not use in birds producing eggs for human consumption.

Administration: Administer in drinking water.


  • Control - 6mg/kg bodyweight per day on 2 consecutive days with an 8 hour treatment period on both days. Dilute at the rate of 3L/1000L drinking water.
  • Prevention - Administer on days 9 and 10, 16 and 17, and 23 and 24 of life.

Baycox for Poultry

Baycox for Poultry

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