Here are some stories from our clients and patients. If you would like to have your animal's story featured on this page, please get in touch with us at the clinic.

Rex's Story

"When Rex was 10 weeks old we were training him to run behind the ute, unfortunately he decided to run under the wheels and unfortunately we ran over his torso.

"It was a Sunday so we immediately called the after hours vet who saw Rex straight away. It was touch and go for a while as Rex had sustained massive internal injuries. It still brings tears to my eyes knowing that we could've lost him. The guys at Quirindi Vets meticulously operated on Rex and put all his bits back into place.

"The team at Quirindi Vet Clinic also had excellent post operative care and still offer us great personalised service. We are eternally grateful to the guys at Quirindi Vets and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Rex is now an incredibly healthy 5-month old puppy and I'm sure he is just as healthy as he would've been if he hadn't been run over."

- Rebecca Wright

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