Stem Cell Therapy

Equine and small animal stem cell therapyStem cell treatment encompasses a new age in veterinary regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine focuses on the capacity for the body’s own stem cells to improve healing and restore functionality of the injured tissue. It is currently being used with great success in treating osteoarthritis in both dogs and horses as well as horse tendon strains.

Through Dr Tony Batterham and his research collaboration with Regeneus Pty Ltd, Quirindi Veterinary Clinic has been heavily involved in further development of this exciting technology and we are very proud to offer this as a treatment option to our clients.

Spud's Story

Spud had very advanced osteoarthritis in the left shoulder secondary to a cartilage disorder called Osteochondritis Dissecans that had been aggravated by chronic wear and tear during his normal working and active duties. As such, Spud’s shoulder is basically bone on bone and surgery to modify the cartilage is no longer an option. In addition, standard medial therapy to reduce inflammation is limited in its effectiveness.

Spud's left shoulder
Radiograph of Spud's left shoulder
Spud's right shoulder
Radiograph of Spud's right shoulder


"Broken in as a two year old, my brown filly Surprise showed no sign of any problems. At around three years of age she began showing signs of an arthritis-like lameness, stiffness when getting up after lying down, and would lie down flat on her side for unusually long periods. She was too sore to ride.

"After treatment in July 2010 at Quirindi Vet Clinic she was gently eased back into light work over a period of months, with no sign of any stiffness or lameness. As she is a workhorse on a Northern Tablelands cattle property, she has been ridden for stock work in rocky, steep terrain, mustering and working cattle with no sign at all of her previous lameness. Prior to her treatment she was totally unrideable.

"Surprise is not ridden in the video as, while I was mustering on her in May 2011, she staked her near front foot just above the coronet and badly damaged an area near the coffin bone. At present she is still recovering."

- Lesley

Mel and Aria's Stem Cell Experience

Aria in treatmentAria, riding againIn April this year, 2011, my dressage horse Aria had become so sore with Arthritis in his nearside fore knee that he was no longer rideable.

I have a huge attachment to this horse as his dam was my first horse as a child. I bred her in retirement and he was the first foal. He is a trusted and valuable member of our family and has taught both my young children to ride as well as many adults and other people’s children.

Considering his age (16) and his level of training (elementary/medium) I did not believe he was yet past his use by date. With this feeling I approached the Quirindi Vet Clinic as I knew they were getting some pretty amazing results with the stem cell research and were looking for guinea pigs.

After consultation, it was agreed that Aria was a suitable candidate and the operation took place in early April 2011.

A month after surgery I rode him for the first time. I had decided to work him in straight lines to avoid any twisting of the joint. My first ride on him showed a massive 80% improvement in his soundness. I worked him lightly a few times a week for the first couple of months and the only time I rode him on the arena was when video footage was required to follow his progress. It was then I could test his soundness as by this stage he was feeling 100% sound on straight lines. He has steadily kept improving and is now back in full work.

Radiograph of Aria's kneeToday (31/7/11) I rode him on the arena so I could give an accurate account of how he felt for this testimonial. I am thrilled to say I could detect no lameness. He felt so light and energised. I tested him by asking all the lateral movements as they are great for showing up any unsoundness and he was perfectly fine in all the movements including Shoulder In, Travers, Renviour, Trot Half Passes and Leg Yield. He also performed flying changes in canter with no problem at all as well as offering some short steps of passage.

I have noticed he is also more playful in the paddock since the surgery and feels lighter and more energised to ride generally. He is happier and brighter within himself.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have my boy back. The operation was a complete success and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Quirindi Vet Clinic, especially Dr Tony Batterham who performed the surgery which left no scar or indent. Tony, you will never know what this means to Aria and I and the first blue ribbon is for you!

- Mel Widdis

Our collaborative research partners Regeneus are our partners in adult stem cell therapy and research. Visit the Regeneus website for more information.

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