Equine and Small Animal Dentistry

Equine Dentistry

Dr David using the PowerfloatRegular dental examination and treatment is essential for every horse whether it be competing at a high level or just grazing the paddock as a retired pet. Dental treatments performed at least once a year are recommended to prevent painful conditions of the mouth.

At Quirindi Veterinary Clinic we have veterinarians with postgraduate training in equine dentistry and we are also well equipped with the latest tools (Powerfloat®, Powerlite®) to maximise the benefits of the dental. All dentistry is performed under sedation. Dental records are kept and reminders can be generated.

The recent acquisition of a purpose-built mobile dental trailer (see pictured) allows us to come to your property and provide a controlled and safe working environment, similar to what we already have as a permanent set up at the clinic.

Look for our listings on the Equine Dental Vets website.

Small Animal (Dog and Cat) Dentistry

Canine dental treatmentEveryone loves a good smile and clean breath! Your pets deserve the same. Not only will it make a more comfortable home with good clean breath, it is also important to your dogs' and cats' health for them to have healthy teeth and gums.

Preventative medicine such as dental chews can be used at home, but at certain times a dental is needed to clean your pets’ teeth.

This is a service Quirindi Vets can offer. It involves an anaesthetic, scale and polish with our dental machine and in some instances may involve tooth extraction depending on the health of the teeth, but this is discussed prior to the procedure with a veterinarian if required.

To book a dental treatment for your animal contact us.

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