Pet Insurance

With pets it is impossible to prepare for accidents or illness. Unfortunately our animals don’t receive government funded healthcare, so some medical and surgical treatments can become quite costly, especially when you take into account that the veterinary industry has embraced a lot of the technologies and treatment options that available to humans. Pet health insurance provides owners with an opportunity to provide their pets with a high level of veterinary care without the associated financial stress.

There are a number of insurance plans out there to suit every budget but it is very important to read the fine print to know what is included and what isn’t. Something to consider is that two of the most common conditions we see are arthritis and skin allergies and both of these can be surprisingly expensive to treat each month.

The single most important benefit of having pet health insurance is being able to go ahead with recommended tests and treatments, allowing your vet to make a more accurate diagnosis and hence provide more effective treatment for your pet.

An increasing number of animals coming to Quirindi Vet Clinic are insured and the owners and animals are enjoying the many benefits that insurance provides.

For more information on pet insurance talk to our staff.

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