Diagnostic Imaging

Digital X-Ray

Quirindi Veterinary Clinic has a state of the art digital X-ray unit. This allows us to obtain images vastly superior to the previously used film images. The high quality images allow for more accuracy in diagnosis and the fact that they are available immediately allows for a more prompt diagnosis. The images can also be very easily emailed to specialists for second opinions. Our X-ray unit is suitable for both small and large animals.

We work closely with farriers to provide advanced equine podiatry services.


The clinic has multiple portable ultrasound units. These can be used in a variety of scenarios such as both small and large animal reproductive scanning to confirm pregnancy or test cyclicity of mares, and for small animal medicine diagnostic cases.

Our ultrasound units enable us to carry out cattle pregnancy testing.


Endoscopy can be used for both small and large animals. It is especially useful for respiratory cases in horses or for digestive conditions of small animals. Quirindi Veterinary Clinic has a portable unit that allows us to perform this procedure.

Equine endoscopy

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