Advanced Equine Reproduction

Advanced equine reproduction services are available through Quipolly Equine Centre. Based on nearly 300 acres at Quipolly Dam, Quipolly Equine Centre is a top-class equine hospital combined with a breeding facility that specialises in advanced equine reproduction.

What Quipolly Equine Centre has to offer

  • Donor mare accommodation for embryo transfer
  • Transfer of fresh, cool shipped or frozen embryos
  • Recipient mares for lease or purchase
  • Embryo freezing and vitrification
  • Artificial insemination with frozen and cool shipped semen
  • Stallion accommodation and management
  • Stallion AV training and collection for semen freezing or cool shipping
  • Stallion Breeding Soundness Examinations (BSE) and stallion sub-fertility investigation
  • Problem mare reproductive evaluation and treatment
  • Sports horse medicine and lameness work-ups/treatment
  • Emergency medical and surgical cases
  • Routine medicine and surgery problems
  • Equine herd health and nutrition advice
  • Master Farrier-assisted podiatry
  • Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis, tendon injury, corneal ulcer and wound management
  • Advanced diagnostics including digital radiography, ultra-sound and endoscopy
  • Ongoing research and development of stem cell therapy, semen sex sorting, semen and embryo evaluation

For more information visit the Quipolly Equine Centre website.

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